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iDempiere (OSGi ADempiere) was originally started by Low Heng Sin (one of the Top Contributors in ADempiere) at July 2010 as his personal project. iDempiere was based on ADempiere 360 LTS

The main purpose of iDempiere is to improve ADempiere in a technical way, so that iDempiere is expected to be more modular and easier to maintain on a grander scale. You can read some of those improvements in here

What about OSGi?
It’s simply a module system and service platform for Java. You can find a great introduction about OSGi in this free chapter of ‘OSGi in Depth' ebook. 

If you are become so curious about iDempiere, and want to try it by yourself, you can get the binary (executable files) of iDempiere pre-beta (released on December 2010) in here. You can also find more info about that release in here

The Other Factor that Amplifies the iDempiere Development… 

Actually, there is other factor that makes iDempiere’s development becomes faster than ADempiere. Just take a look at these two screenshots. The first one below is the screenshot of my clone of iDempiere’s repository which I had just updated on February 3rd, 2012

And the second one below is the screenshot of my clone of ADempiere’s repository which also I had just updated on February 3rd, 2012. You can see from the date that iDempiere’s development is faster than ADempiere, and dominated by the dynamic duo, Carlos Ruiz and Low Heng Sin, two of the Top Contributors in ADempiere. 

There is indeed something ‘political’ happens in ADempiere community that makes Carlos Ruiz (and might also other ADempiere contributors) feels very uncomfortable. Especially when Carlos has some proofs that ADempiere 370 LTS (latest version) is actually an illegal copy from his development branch, named ADempiere GlobalQSS 3.6.1 (GlobalQSS is his company’s name). That leads to some ‘chaoses’ in here, here, and here. And in the end, Carlos Ruiz is decided to move to iDempiere and merges his ADempiere GlobalQSS 3.6.1 to iDempiere.

So finally, there are three of ADempiere’s Top Contributors who had moved to iDempiere, which are: Low Heng Sin, Carlos Ruiz, and Redhuan (a.k.a Red1, a former ADempiere leader). Please note that you can also find some more information about iDempiere on Red1’s forum, the same place where ADempiere was first born

Wait a Minute… Are They Really Abandoning ADempiere? 

Not really, because Red1 had said on his blog that he and Carlos are actually not abandoning ADempiere. In fact, Carlos still holds while Red1 still holds Red1 said that someday they shall return when ‘the poison’ has been removed, either by way of fresh elections or by a popular grassroots uprising.

[ Updated on February 6th, 2012 ]

From the conversation below, you can see that Red1 had stated that:
1. iDempiere is actually expected to be the next ADempiere, which is ADempiere 4.0.
2. The migration point for iDempiere is ADempiere 360 LTS or ADempiere GlobalQSS 361.
You can find the rest of that conversation in here

And for the smooth transition from ADempiere to iDempiere, Red1 had referred me to this link. Just check that out, dudes!

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For those who wants to learn about ADempiere, understanding the key concept is very important. Because it will speeds up your overall learning progress. 

So, here is a quick overview of ADempiere concept, as an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram), just for your convenience. Please read the ERD flow, from the bottom to the top, to understand it. 

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ADempiere supports several Purchasing functions which are included in the ‘Requisition-to-Invoice' menu. And here's an overview to get you more familiar about Purchasing in ADempiere

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